The ultimate collection of Mexican food recipes worthy of any fiesta!!  Everything from appetizers, drinks, side dishes, main dishes and desserts.  All organized to mix and match to guide you through preparing a Mexican themed feast!  Perfect for any Mexican food lover!

Ok y’all.  If you haven’t noticed I have a deep love for Mexican and Tex Mex food  and with Cinco de Mayo coming up I figured it was a good time to make an easy reference for us!

This guide will help you prepare any Mexican themed menu.  There’s so many options, and I have everything organized into categories to help you mix and match to create a full meal!

Each recipe you click will take you to the full recipe which is full of tips and tricks on how to prepare it.  A lot of these recipes are ones that I make regularly.  Some are family recipes that have been handed down to me from members on the hub’s side.  Others are recipes that I have developed from just playing around in the kitchen.

There is a variety of Mexican recipes and Tex Mex in here.  And if you can’t find something here I do still have even more Mexican and Tex Mex recipes on the blog.  So just type whatever you’re looking for into the search bar on the side and see what comes up!


Let’s start with some appetizers:

The Drinks:

Main Dishes:

The must have side dishes:

Finally, the desserts: