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What is Tex Mex?

Tex Mex is a word that refers to the combined culture of Texas and Mexico. It’s most commonly used to refer to food.

It’s commonly held that Tex Mex is not Mexican food. It is food that is native to Texas. It is a combination of the different cultures that have lived on this patch of land.

What this means, food-wise, is that the area of Texas has many contributing factors. Texas was an area where people of English decent and Mexican decent (Tejanos) lived together. This led to a mash up of cuisine. While Tex Mex has many contributions from Mexican culture, it also has contributions from English culture and Native culture.

How is Tex Mex different than Mexican?

What exactly is the difference between Mexican and Tex Mex food? The ingredients. Tex Mex is made with ingredients that were available in Texas. Which included things like: beef, wheat flour, cheddar cheese, and cumin. Not all of these ingredients are available, or widely used in parts of Mexico.

Some of the most popular Tex Mex dishes include Cheese Enchiladas which are smothered in a Chili Gravy enchilada sauce. And fajitas served with flour tortillas.

Ingredients for assembling fish tacos laid out.
Steak fajitas served in flour tortillas.

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