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Get ready to add a touch of sweetness to your kitchen and impress your loved ones with these irresistible strawberry recipes! From our gorgeous strawberry shortcake with sweet buttermilk biscuits to refreshing strawberry agua fresca, these dishes are bursting with sweet berries.

Strawberries in bowls and served over biscuits on plates.


Looking for ideas on how to use fresh strawberries? The possibilities are endless, especially during strawberry season! You could add them to a fruit salad, use them as a pancake topping, or just enjoy them as a snack. If you have an abundance you can freeze them to use in cobblers, crisps, pies, or smoothies!
You can pick your own at a local farmer’s patch during strawberry season. Or you can buy them at supermarkets all year round.
Look for bright red strawberries with fresh green caps and a sweet berry smell.
Store them in your fridge and only wash them as needed to keep them fresh. With these easy recipes, you can enjoy strawberries anytime!

Strawberry shortcake served on a white scalloped plate, gold fork on the side.

Strawberry Shortcake

5 from 14 votes
This made-from-scratch Strawberry Shortcake recipe features sweet buttermilk biscuits, fluffy whipped cream, and juicy strawberries.
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Fresas con Crema served with extra strawberries.

Fresas Con Crema (Strawberries and Cream)

5 from 44 votes
Quick and easy Fresas Con Crema (Strawberries and Cream) recipe! Ripe, juicy strawberries in a cold, sweet cream sauce. Perfect easy no bake dessert recipe!
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Up close view of American strawberry cobbler baked with Stars and Stripes in pie crust on top.

All-American Strawberry Cobbler

5 from 1 vote
Strawberry Cobbler is a classic summer treat made with fresh juicy strawberries. But this recipe for strawberry cobbler with pie crust, takes it up a notch by adding a Stars and Stripes pattern on top. Not only will this dessert satisfy your sweet tooth, but it will also add some festive flair to your holiday gathering.
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Spoon scooping out strawberry cobbler.

Strawberry Cobbler

5 from 2 votes
Strawberry Cobbler. This easy to make cobbler is loaded up with fresh strawberries, and topped with a sweet, vanilla cake that gets a crisp crust on the outside and is soft and buttery on the inside. Top with some vanilla ice cream for the ultimate treat!
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Mixed berry cobbler in a bowl topped with ice cream, being served with a spoon.

Mixed Berry Cobbler

5 from 1 vote
Indulge in this classic mixed berry cobbler's delightful combination of juicy sweet berries and a buttery-rich biscuit topping. This easy dessert recipe is made with strawberries, blueberries, and raspberries, then topped with an easy-to-make cobbler topping!
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Homemade Strawberry Sauce. This easy to make sauce is perfect for pouring onto pancakes, waffles, ice cream, or pretty much any dessert you can think of! You can also use it in place of jam on your morning toast! Only 4 ingredients and a few minutes of your time needed!

Homemade Strawberry Sauce

5 from 5 votes
The perfect strawberry sauce for your cheesecake or ice cream! Only 4 ingredients and a few minutes of your time needed! Made with fresh berries!
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Small glass filled with light pink, strawberry horchata, with a strawberry on the rim of the glass as a garnish.

Strawberry Horchata

5 from 1 vote
Indulge in the perfect summer treat with this Strawberry Horchata. This creamy and refreshing drink blends the classic horchata flavors with the sweet and tangy taste of fresh strawberries.
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Lava Flow Drink Mocktail

5 from 1 vote
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Fresh homemade agua de fresas with cream being poured into a cup with ice.

Agua de fresas (with milk!)

5 from 5 votes
Agua de fresas with cream. This sweet creamy strawberry drink is cold and refreshing. Plus it's made with real strawberries!
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Strawberry Cheesecake Brownies. These homemade brownies are loaded up with a layer of creamy cheesecake then swirled with a sweet strawberry sauce for a pop of color and flavor! Spoon the extra strawberry sauce over the top for an extra special dessert!

Strawberry Cheesecake Brownies

5 from 1 vote
Strawberry Cheesecake Brownies. These homemade brownies are loaded up with a layer of creamy cheesecake then swirled with a sweet strawberry sauce for a pop of color and flavor!  Spoon the extra strawberry sauce over the top for an extra special dessert! 
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Sliced strawberry lemon pound cake with a lemon glaze.

Strawberry Lemon Pound Cake

4.94 from 29 votes
Strawberry Lemon Pound cake! This easy to make loaf cake is loaded with lemon flavor thanks to fresh juice and zest. Plus there’s sweet and juicy strawberries baked right in! All topped with a decadent drizzle of a lemon glaze. This bright and sweet loaf cake will be the highlight of your day!
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Bowl filled with salad greens topped with sliced strawberries, crumbled feta, sliced red onions and chopped pecans.

Strawberry Salad with Poppyseed Dressing

5 from 3 votes
This beautiful summer Strawberry Poppyseed Salad is packed with fresh juicy strawberries, pecans, feta and drizzled with a healthy poppyseed dressing. Easy, colorful, and healthy this salad is always a crowd pleaser!
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Close up of the strawberry mango salsa, showing the bits of onion and cilantro.

Strawberry Mango Salsa

5 from 1 vote
Strawberry Mango Salsa! This bright and flavorful salsa is the perfect combination of sweet and spicy. This salsa is great for dipping with chips, putting on tacos, or even spooning on top of some grilled fish! The epitome of spring and summer this colorful salsa is a great finishing touch to your summer meals!
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Glasses of agua fresca lined up showing strawberry, watermelon and a pineapple mango.

Agua Fresca Recipe (Basic Recipe for ANY fruit)

5 from 5 votes
This easy Agua Fresca Recipe can be used to make a refreshing, non-alcoholic, fruit drink using any of your favorite fruits. Perfect for cooling down and relaxing on a hot summer day.
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Frozen fruit margaritas lined up with mango, strawberry, and lime, with wedges of limes surrounding.

Frozen Margarita Recipe (using ANY fruit)

5 from 31 votes
These Frozen Margaritas are cold, frosty, and fruity! You can blend up a batch of these slushy margaritas in less than 5 minutes and with only a handful of ingredients. The perfect drink for any hot and sunny day.
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