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Here’s a collection of the very best taco recipes, plus a few extra taco-related recipes such as taco soup, taco salad, and some wonderful low carb taco options. Plus we’re sharing our perfected homemade taco seasoning with a quick tip that will push your tacos over the edge! 

Enjoy this collection of classic tacos, Tex Mex style tacos, authentic Mexican street tacos, and taco inspired meals. 

Authentic Street Tacos

Street tacos refers to tacos that are made in a traditional way and refers to the type of tacos you would typically see sold as street food in Mexico. These tacos are smaller, simple, and served on corn tortillas. These tacos are loaded up with meat and toppings are usually simplified to onion and cilantro. 

  • Beef Birria:. If there’s any taco recipe you’re going to try, make it these Birria Tacos. Rich and flavorful, this birria is chopped up and fried in a chile oil (from cooking the meat) with gooey, melty cheese. Serve with a bowl of broth for dipping and plenty of onion and cilantro.
  • Carne Asada: Soft corn tortillas filled with juicy, tender grilled Carne Asada.
  • Slow Cooker Mexican Pork Carnitas: Crispy pork carnitas is easy to make in the slow cooker and delivers perfect flavorful, tender pulled pork.
  • Texas Style Barbacoa: Authentic tasting Barbacoa! This easy to make at home slow cooker Barbacoa is simply seasoned and amazingly tender.
  • Shredded Brisket: this brisket is flavored with chiles, onion, garlic and fresh herbs. Slow cooked until tender and easily shredded.
  • Classic Tex Mex Street Tacos: marinated flank steak, grilled sliced and stuffed into soft golden corn tortillas. All topped with fresh pico de Gallo and crumbled cotija cheese.
  • Grilled Chicken: flavorful, grilled chicken marinated in fruit juices and chili powder that has been diced up and loaded into soft corn tortillas.
  • Chicken Tinga: shredded chicken that has been simmered in a smokey chipotle, tomato sauce.

Tex Mex Style Tacos

Tex Mex style tacos are the type of tacos typically seen made and served in the US. They can be made with flour, corn or hard shell tortillas. And they are loaded up with all the toppings, especially cheese.

  • Classic Ground Beef: An easy to make homemade taco seasoning and a secret ingredient that makes this the most flavorful and juiciest taco meat EVER! The perfect family weeknight meal, ready in less than 30 minutes.
  • Breakfast Tacos: A breakfast staple in Texas restaurants easily made at home. Tortillas are layered with potatoes, crispy bacon, soft scrambled eggs and all the toppings.
  • 30 Minute Chicken: This is the easiest, most flavorful shredded chicken. Perfect for a weeknight dinner or busy day. Only 30 minutes is needed to cook up and shred this chicken.
  • Slow Cooker Sweet Barbacoa: This flavorful sweet Barbacoa is slow cooked all day long leaving it tender, juicy and full of flavor.
  • Quick and Easy Shrimp: Only minutes are needed to put these shrimp tacos together. The shrimp are cooked in a homemade taco seasoning and topped with a creamy cilantro lime sauce to complete the dish!

Low Carb Options:

Ditch the tortilla completely and enjoy your tacos with these veggie heavy, low carb options!

  • Taco Stuffed Peppers: an easy, healthier option for family taco night! These bell peppers are loaded up with the best taco meat, cheese and all the taco toppings. This is a quick and easy recipe to toss together for a weeknight family dinner.
  • Taco Stuffed Avocados: The perfect low carb option! These avocados are loaded up with the best taco meat, cheese, tomatoes, lettuce and a dollop of sour cream.
  • Easy Taco Salad: a classic Tex Mex recipe that is always a bit hit! Fresh salad greens are loaded up with all your favorite taco toppings.

Taco Inspired:

From the BEST EVER Homemade Taco Seasoning to a big bowl of hearty taco soup, these taco inspired recipes are as tasty as the taco recipes that inspired them.

  • Taco Soup: This hearty, flavorful soup is loaded up with ground beef, beans, tomatoes, green chiles and more! This soup comes together in one pot and in just 30 minutes.
  • One Pot Taco Pasta: This one pot pasta dish is loaded with taco flavor, chunks of juicy beef, tomatoes and cheese.
  • Easy Homemade Taco Seasoning: Make your own seasoning mix at home, never buy that pre-made mix again.
  • Taco Cups: an easy snack with all your favorite taco fillings loaded inside crunchy wonton cups. Juicy beef, melty cheese, lettuce, tomatoes and cool sour cream. Perfect for parties or a fun dinner for the kids.

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