Tex mex  crab cakes

Easy to make Tex Mex Crab Cakes. Loaded up with fresh lump crab meat, diced peppers and fresh cilantro. Seasoned with a Tex Mex seasoning blend. These crab cakes have a perfectly tender and flavorful bite!


Fresh Lump Crab Meat Red Bell Peppers Green Onions Cilantro Jalapeno Chili Powder Salt Ground Cumin Mayonnaise Fresh Lemon Juice Egg Butter Cracker Crumbs Cooking Oil

Combine the crab with the add-ins. Gently stir these together to keep the crab meat as intact as possible. We want to keep huge chunks if we have them.

In a small bowl combine the binding ingredients (mayo, crackers, egg, seasonings) then add to the crab meat. Again, fewer stirs helps keep our crab meat as intact as possible.

Form into patties, then lay the patties on a baking sheet, cover and chill in the refrigerator for at least 1 hour.  Can be stored overnight if making ahead. Then cook in a skillet with a small amount of oil or bake.

Serve as an appetizer or as a main dish. This recipe can work double duty by performing in either role.