These frozen Mangonadas are a fruity treat the entire family can enjoy! Sweet, tart, and lightly spicy these drinks are a perfect blend of fresh fruit and bold flavorings.


Frozen Mango Mango/Nectarine Juice Lime Juice Chamoy Sauce GARNISHES Tamarind Chamoy Rim Paste Tajin Seasoning Fresh Mango Tamarindo Straws

Add mango, mango nectar, and lime juice to blender. Blend until smooth and creamy. If it’s too thick add more juice or water until desired consistency is achieved.

Taste and add sugar if needed due to tartness. (usually not needed) Add more lime juice if desired. Prepare glass by dipping rim into chamoy rim paste, then sprinkle with tajin seasoning as desired.

Add chamoy sauce to the bottom of the glass then alternate pouring the mango smoothie and chamoy into the glass until filled. Top with fresh diced mango, a sprinkle of tajin and serve with a Tamarindo Straw.

This drink is beautiful, tasty, and non-alcoholic! Feel free to add a little something extra for the adults if you want.