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Mushroom Quiche! I know I know, Mushrooms!. Mushrooms seem to be in the same category as onions, its just one of those toppings that people either love, or hate, there’s no real in-between. Personally the only time I ever enjoyed mushrooms was either seeing them in the background of the Smurfs cartoon, or when my little Mario from Mario brothers would eat one and turn into the big Mario! Score! . Outside of that I personally have a strong dislike towards these funky little funguses, lol if that’s even a word…. Funguses? lol Anyway, the only time I usually eat mushrooms is when the hubs makes his yummy “stuffed mushrooms” (recipe coming) but outside of that me and mushrooms are never usually friends. This quiche is so easy to make just like my Hawaiian quiche that recently dropped (which can be found by clicking this link “insert Link”) Perfect for the person in your life who absolutely loves mushrooms! And a huge compliment to any lovely brunch you have planned. From baby bella, to shitake, to Portobello you can really let loose on this quiche as far as your mushroom choices go depending on which you like more, but just for a disclaimer this quiche will not turn you into a big Mario, but it will definitely be delicious

Mushroom Quiche