Happy Thanksgiving everyone! I hope everyone is thoroughly enjoying the day. Are you a black Friday shopper? I have only been out shopping once on black Friday. And that was enough for me to be honest. I much prefer to do my shopping in the comfort of my own home. In my pjs and enjoying my food hangover. So I though maybe you might be the same?? Please tell me you are!

Which is why I put together this collection of some of our favorite things! There’s things that my husband absolutely loves, my older girls, our little girl, our little boy, and even the baby! Not to mention a collection of some things that I feel are just haves in the kitchen!

So peruse the list, maybe you’ll find an idea for someone in your own house, or another family member, or even a friend.

for the men in your life

  • My husband is OBSESSED with hydro flasks. They are pretty amazing. He’s gotten one for every member of the family. They keep our water ice cold for the day. Perfect for going to soccer games and just being out all day. Click to see the Hydro Flask on Amazon
  • The little Pelican flashlight is one of the handiest tools in our house. Does anyone else ever have the need for a flashlight at random times during the day? My hubs is always prepared by having this on hand! Click to see the Pelican Flashlight on Amazon
  • This Seiko watch is perfect, casual, and classy all at the same time. Not to mention right now this week it’s on a great sale! Click to see the Seiko watch on Amazon
  • These UAG phone cases are super sturdy and will withstand whatever the kids can throw at the phone, or more likely they withstand the kids throwing the phone. The cases come for all iPhones, and Samsung phones. Maybe some others too? I’m not sure.. Click to see the UAG phone cases on Amazon

for the moms

  • Moms need a little care sometimes. This coconut moisturizer is my all time favorite to use on my face! I have a deep love for all things coconut. And it makes my face feel wonderful. Not to mention it’s vegan and you can feel good about yourself while you use it. Click to see Pacifica Beauty Coconut Probiotic Water Rehab Cream on Amazon
  • This foot cream is kind of amazing. And it will add moisture to the driest of feet. My husband is forever grateful. Click to see Healthy Feet Foot Cream on Amazon
  • An RTIC Tumbler to keep the coffee hot, since the kids always interrupt me when drinking it. And keeps the ice water cold since the kids always distract me from drinking it after I pour it.Click to see the RTIC Tumbler on Amazon
  • Chasing Slow. A reminder to slow down and enjoy the here and the now. This is one of two books I got my hands on this year, and I’ve been able to slow down enough to read about 4 chapters so far. Definitely worthwhile and hopefully I can get a bit more time to finish it! Click to see Chasing Slow on Amazon

for those pre-teen/teen-age girls

  • My older girls are so creative and into art. I just know they will enjoy this Hand Lettering 101 book I’m getting them for Christmas. Then once they master it maybe I can put them to work creating stuff for the house! (the gift is really for them..not me I promise!) Click to see Hand Lettering 101 on Amazon
  • Have to have the proper pens for learning to do hand lettering. Bonus when they come in all the fun colors. Click to see Tombow Dual Brush Pens in Bright on Amazon.
  • These polaroid type cameras are SO cute! They come in all kinds of colors (although this mint is my daughter’s favorite color!). And seeing as how I don’t let my kids have phones, maybe I can gain cool mom points by getting them this?? Click to see Fujifilm Instax Mini 9 on Amazon
  • And of course, I think all pre-teens/teens have an obsession with Harry Potter! We got this shirt for our 11 year old and she loves it!! Click to see Harry Potter Hogwarts T Shirt on Amazon.

for the pre-k girl

  • Our little girl is just like every other little girl! She loves watching toy videos when we let her, and she loves those little LOL dolls. I know LOLs are getting hard to come by, all the stores around us are always sold out..but there’s a couple still online 🙂 Click to see the LOL Surprise Dolls on Amazon.
  • Since those darn LOL dolls are near impossible to find, Hatchimals are the next best thing in our house. She loves these little animals. Click to see Hatchimals on Amazon.
  • Little girls make the best super heroes. Plus our little girl has to keep up with her brother. Click to see Dress Up Capes for Girls.
  • I don’t know if all little girls love these Bath Bombs or if it’s just our little girl. But they do make bath time more fun! Plus there’s fun prizes in the middle after it’s done fizzing. Click to see Bath Bombs on Amazon.

for the toddler boy

  • If you can’t tell my little boy is a definite Marvel fan. He has all of these Super hero plush toys and they’re his babies. Click to see Marvel Plush Toys on Amazon.
  • Any day in our house you will see little Bubba Bear running around in a cape and hulk smashing everything in sight. Click to see Super Hero Capes on Amazon.
  • The American Flag chucks were a gift he received last Christmas, and they are his all time favorite shoes. Plus they’re super easy to put on. There’s velcro down the sides, slip the foot in and close it up. No tying laces needed. Because this little guy is on the go and we don’t have time for that! Click to see Converse Easy Slip on American Flag Sneakers on Amazon.
  • The doctor kit, this isn’t the exact one that we have, but it has all of the same stuff for a decent price. The doctor kit came about for our little girl actually, when her first little brother was born and we were having to do all of his well child visits at the doctor she would lose her mind. Which made doctor visits AWFUL. So we got her a doctor kit, and all of a sudden, the doctor’s office became a wonderful time where she would get her tools out and do the checkup with the doctor. Luckily we have an amazing doctor who loves to show her how to use the tools. But now the kit is in the hands of our little guy and he loves it just as much as she did. Click to see Fisher-Price Medical Kit on Amazon.

for the infants

  • Don’t laugh at me, but this Magic Sleep Suit is kind of amazing. I got it for our newest little guy, and he LOVES it. He was having a hard time sleeping, tossing around, waving his arms everywhere. Wouldn’t stay swaddled. This suit makes up for it. It suppresses the startle reflex and helps him get a good sleep. Which means, mama gets a good sleep. Click to see the Magic Sleep Suit on Amazon.
  • Babies are pretty easy. Other than the main basics (like a crib, swing or bounce seat, and a blanket for tummy time) they don’t need too much. Something we have found that our kids LOVE is white noise. This is the same thing we have set up for our little ones. It helps them to sleep a little better and we don’t feel the need to have to tip toe around the house after they go to bed at night. Click to see myBaby SoundSpa on Amazon.
  • And what would a baby’s first Christmas be without a Santa hat and cute ornament! Click to see Baby Santa Hat on Amazon. Click to see Baby’s First Christmas Ornament on Amazon.

for the kitchen

(yes the kitchen has it’s own list)