Cooking Basics 101

Learn the basics in the kitchen to save time, money, and to help you eat healthier!

Cooking and eating at home is so much easier than you think! 

I will teach you the basic information that you need to succeed!  By the end of this course you will feel more confident in the kitchen and be able to understand what it is recipes are telling you to do!

Have you ever followed a recipe and it didn't turn out?

Did you wonder why?!

I know why!! 

 So often, the people who write recipes assume that we already know A LOT about cooking and cooking techniques.  So they provide general directions and instructions, aimed at someone who ALREADY KNOWS what they're talking about!

Helpful tips and tricks that will save you time and lead to less frustration  when cooking! 

In this FREE 5-Day E-course I will teach you:

The basic safety skills you need to have under your belt to avoid disaster in the kitchen, both to yourself AND to your meal!

The best tools needed to be able to work efficiently and easily in your own kitchen.  

The 5 MUST KNOW Cooking techniques that you need to succeed with ANY recipe! 

The MOST common mistakes that are made when following a recipe and how you can avoid them! 

Serene is the writer, photographer, and recipe developer behind the website House of Yumm.  She is a self taught home cook who has spent many hours, days, and years learning the techniques required to prepare delicious, restaurant quality meals for her family.  Her recipes have been featured on Good Morning America, Cosmopolitan, Red Book, Taste of Home, Huffington Post, and Country Living.